What makes
 Integral different?

Filling in the gap between Traditional EdTech software and social media.
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Other Ed-Tech Apps
ex: PowerSchool, Canvas, Google Classroom
  • Focused on classes & assignments
  • Desktop-first experience
  • Limited push notifications
  • Limited end-to-end administrative control
  • Focused on student involvement
  • Real-time information & communication
  • Clean & customized user experience
  • No user accounts required
  • End-to-end administrative control
  • Priority Support
Social Media
ex: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • Focused on students’ personal lives
  • Contains content not related to school or campus information
  • Collects extensive user data
  • Cannot reach / not inclusive of all students
Inside & Outside the classroom
While most education software center around the classroom, Integral focuses on increasing student involvement on campus & rethinking the way educators communicate with learners.
Mobile-First Experience
Available on iOS, Android, and compatible Chromebooks. Integral focuses on real-time information presented in the most clean & portable way.
No Accounts Needed
Unlike social media apps, we do not collect any student information or require user accounts to use the mobile app.

Fast, simple & effortless.

Schedule keeps students on track, making sure they are never late to class.
Students can easily get involved in activities & things happening on campus.
Students can discover new organizations on campus & explore new passions.
Students can keep up to date with their favorite teams and follow their games & scores.
Bulletin gives administrators a way to post announcements in the app, and send a push notification when it is urgent.
Calendar provides a streamlined way for students to view upcoming bell schedules and events.
ID Card
Students can use Integral as their backup ID, featuring a user entered name, grade & barcode. Ex: Library checkout
End to End Control
With the Integral Admin Platform, administrators have control over all aspects of the Integral experience.

Frequently asked questions

How does Integral work?
Integral is an app that lets students view everything school-related — such as schedule, events, clubs, sports games, and bulletin — in one convenient place. Students can use the app to get to class on time, stay involved in events & extracurriculars, receive alerts & notifications, and organize their student life. Administrators can have full end-to-end control of the app using our admin platform to update content and send notifications.
How do I register my school for Integral?
Head over to https://admin.derivative.dev and click “Register Your School”. Follow the page-by-page instructions to fill out basic information — such as contact info, school info, schedule rotations, and appearance settings. Once finished, submit your request and we will reach out to you right away after verifying your registration.
What happens after I register my school?
Once we have verified your registration, we will reach out to schedule onboarding meetings and give you a full demonstration of our platform. If your school decides to move forward, our team will prepare the appropriate service agreements and invoices for the time period that you wish to use Integral at your school. When the school year begins, we will provide you with a package of promotional materials in order to get students to download the mobile app. We will also provide the appropriate guidance and support in order to help your designated administrators to navigate our admin platform.
How are contents on Integral updated?
All contents on the Integral mobile app, such as schedule, events, clubs, appearance, and even available features, are fully controlled and customized in the Integral Admin Platform. The point of contact from the school will be the sole admin for your school, but they may also invite more delegate users onto the platform with custom permissions to specific features. We will provide a full demonstration of how our admin platform functions once you have agreed to our terms of service.
How much does the app cost?
The app is free to download for all students, parents, and staff, However, we charge an annual service fee in order to deploy and operate our platform at your school. The cost of the app depends on the size of your school and the number of students who are registered at your institution.

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